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Municipal Dialogues

Are you looking for a more creative and integrated approach to resolve community challenges? Do you want to engage a diverse range of people and organizations using a problem-solving approach? We custom-design dialogues and forums to suit your community’s unique needs.


  • Build and strengthen networks
  • Engage diverse community participation
  • Develop values-based problem-solving skills
  • Deepen cross-cultural understanding
  • Strengthen community and government relations
  • Identify workable next steps for individual and community action
  • Produce final report


We start by listening to you: What would success look like for you? What is your vision and dream for the best possible outcome? We then work with you to custom-design and facilitate a process to produce the results you want.

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Our services include:

  • Dialogue design and facilitation
  • Community engagement and diversity training
  • Custom-designed workbooks for your unique initiative
  • Participatory arts-based contributions for making your dialogue a success
  • Final report


We are on the right road. This is exactly what’s got to happen. The concept of finding that home, that serenity, that reference point from which you can flow, you can glow, you can build your hope, that can in fact provide future generations with an ability to do more is absolutely essential."
~ Honourable Senator Roméo Dallaire

"The highlight for me was feeling uncomfortable and out of place when I entered – feeling part of the whole when I left."
~ Finding Home participant

“I now consider more carefully the ways in which different people think about home or attempt to build secure places for themselves.”
~ Finding Home participant

“Since the Finding Home Collaborative Learning Day, whenever I am in conflict, I have been thinking through what is the core value that I am holding on to so strongly and what is the other person’s core value.”
~ Andrea Dearborn, Seattle

“Being in that room with those people was powerfully regenerative for me.”
~ Paula Jardine Artist

The exercises we did in the Finding Home collaborative learning day and that we took home with us in the workbook were helpful in making a potentially vague concept very concrete, practical and relevant.”
~ Justine Hwang, The Grace Project

“The small group format worked particularly well with this topic. If the six of us had met at a cocktail party to discuss housing or homelessness, it might have been interesting, but not memorable. But because we were talking about home in an intimate, storytelling way, we leapfrogged over conventional boundaries to create real and immediate meaning. Thank you for that. I’ll carry those stories with me.”
~Donna Livingston, Executive Director, HR MacMillan Space Centre

“This is the most democratic experience that I have had in the 30 years that I have lived in Canada.”
~ Gloria Diaz, Pacific Immigrants Services Society

“… showed that a lot of effort went into the day and it made me feel cherished.”
~ Mary Gavan, Storyteller, West End Community Centre

“Home is you and I. Home is an action to respect everything around. Finding Home Collaborative Learning Day is proof of that.”
~ Jabbar al Janabi, Interdisciplinary Arts, ANU