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Success Stories

Thanks to Finding Home™…

  • Seniors are making friends and learning about local programs
  • Seniors are learning to create security for themselves and identify con artists
  • Youth are connecting with each other and making valuable contributions to their neighborhoods
  • Seniors and youth are working together for a bully-free world
  • Communities are generating their own strategies to deal with challenges
  • Indigenous people and newcomers are finding ways to connect and learn about each another
  • Neighbourhood houses are building capacity and learning how to engage diverse communities and foster a sense of belonging
  • Communities across Metro Vancouver are learning how to create age-friendly communities
  • Government is hearing from seniors, youth, newcomers, Aboriginal people and community organizations about how to make communities more inclusive.

Thanks to Finding Home™ People are finding a sense of home and working together to address everyday challenges.


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“We are on the right road. This is exactly what’s got to happen. The concept of finding that home, that serenity, that reference point from which you can… build your hope, that can in fact provide future generations with an ability to do more is absolutely essential.”
~ Honourable Senator Roméo Dallaire, Former UN Force Commander of UNAMIR, Senate Member of the Liberal Party of Canada

“What the Finding Home™ seniors’ dialogues do so remarkably is to open the inner voice to better understand what promotes quality of life… I was touched by how simple yet how profound seniors responses were to topics such as housing and safety.”
~Val MacDonald, Director, Seniors Services Society

“Thank you so much again for the valuable gifts you bring to others and for having the courage to be a “bringer of the space” where we can all exchange stories, potentially transform suffering and despair, and make new, healthy meaning.”
~ Louise Gauthier, Dialogue Participant

“Our community enjoyed enormous success with the Finding Home™ Initiative, connecting with over 70 youth and youth service providers and amongst other things completing the Westside Youth Asset Mapping Project.”
~ Catherine Leach, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Executive Director

“Jessie has a very engaging and interactive approach and extremely knowledgeable about our diverse client base – which made the workshop very relative to my needs.”
~ Maureen Houghton, Gordon House, training participant

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