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Building on the success of the Elder Financial Abuse Awareness Project, Finding Home™ partnered with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC and Vancity on the Scaling Up Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention Project.

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Watch Shaw TV’s 2 minute coverage of our previous project.


Scaling Up Elder Financial Abuse Awareness Dialogue Project

Our goal with our current Scaling Up Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention Project is to create a model and social infrastructure needed for sustaining and expanding the reach of the Finding Home Community Capacity Building Dialogues in elder abuse awareness and prevention.

The following are documents to assist collaborating organizations, businesses and community foundations who are participating in our focus groups:

1. Project Overview

2. Finding Home™ Documents

  1. Timeline and Highlights
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Outcomes and Benefits
  4. Collaborative Learning Day
  5. Community of Practice and Leadership Training
  6. Neighbourhood Dialogues
  7. Indigenous Elders Dialogues
  8. Seniors Dialogues
  9. Partners & Funders
  10. Testimonials
  11. Jessie Sutherland - Biography

3. Finding Home Outcomes

  1. Learning Posters created with dialogue participants
  2. Residents Led Self Organizing Projects
    (i) Success Graphic Sample - Elder Abuse Awareness
    (ii) Read our Blog
  3. Asset Mapping Guides
    (i) Seniors & Elders
    (ii) Youth [140 MB PDF]
  4. Annual Newsletters
    (i) 2010
    (ii) 2011

4. Information for Hosting a Finding Home™ program

  1. Infographic
  2. Dialogue process and steps

5. Background Research

  1. Worldview Skills (2004)
  2. Finding Home™ Discussion Paper (2007)
  3. Collaborative Learning Day Final Report (2007)
  4. National Day of Healing & Reconciliation Newsletters
    (i) NDHR #1
    (ii) NDHR #2